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However, I had two clients who lost entire hard disks after they used TTP to try to rebuild their corrupted volumes, but the volumes were corrupted due to bad blocks on the hard disks which TTP failed to detect. So after it tried to transfer the repaired volume directory to the bad blocks, the hard disks crashed again. They would have been better off without it. But I was typing on my mobile before and wanted to quickly write a post to hopefully warn people about the dangers of relying on this product to do what it says, and so they can do their own research before purchasing.

I don't like when products are inherently broken and have been for years. I did email Micromat years ago describing the issues, and even offered to post them some of my known-faulty hard disks that tested as OK with TTP to help improve their product.

But their response I don't have access to it unfortunatey as it was on an old work email was that very few people had complained about it before. Therefore not an issue. Followed by some marketing spiel about 'always striving to improve their products'. Yet it's still not fixed. You mention quick and easy memory checks - but memory checks done with TTP are not to be trusted as they run AFTER the operating system starts up, meaning any memory that's being used by the OS is not accessible to test.

In two of those cases, after swapping memory modules from bank 1 to bank 2 then testing again TTP eventually detected the bad one, but the other was a laptop with one memory socket so that wasn't possible. Testing the memory module in another computer detected the problem immediately, but TTP said it was fine when tested on the original laptop. I'm not complaining about the limitations of S. A single click of your mouse runs a SMART Check of your hard drive to detect impending drive failure This implies it will detect if your hard disk is about to fail.

It will detect known problems, but it has no way of detecting impending failure. TTP also will not fix Windows hard disks, which many people use - think nearly everything without an Apple logo, and some things with. It won't repair or recover from flash drives, digital camera memory cards, even corrupt iPods. If you have a BootCamp volume, it will do nothing to protect it. Corrupted disk image? Forget it.

It is a very limited product, but promises so many things. Given what you've said about the memory testing, do you recommend any alternative tool? I'm mainly able to swap units out into a windows machine and run memtest off it, but it'd be nice to get something that runs on Apple hw as I no longer have access to ASD. I voted just because this is the best tech discussion I've ever seen on Ozbargain. I would love to have Greenie work on my Macs anyday!

I find it very frustrating when Apple bring out a new model then nearly every piece of software has to be updated to support it, and as you've found out your 4 year old Diskwarrior software is now essentially worthless as it doesn't support your current computer.

I was sick of having to have a different CD or DVD for every model and having to maintain ten versions of software to support only six years worth of products, so unfortunately I had to stop supporting Mac and keeping current a few years ago. Unfortunately I can't recommend any specific memory test tool now, as I just don't know what's available for current models. Sorry I didn't mention it before but I don't deal often with Mac anymore and had to literally go and dig my old Mac out from under a pile of tool boxes to turn it on and find out the name.

According to their website it's now used by Apple at the Genius Bar: Apple's system wouldn't even let me order replacement parts unless I could verify with software and an error code that the disk was bad, so I had to sometimes take out nearly fifty small screws to remove laptop hard disks and put them in a Windows PC to get an error message! It wasted many hours each week. After I saw a pattern of known-failures testing OK with TechTool Pro, I contacted both them and Apple Australia but neither took any notice, as their operations are based overseas anyway.

Any comments I left on official Apple forums were quickly deleted, despite trying to be polite and merely state the facts. But I just found this gem on their own TTP forums, which shows how completely clueless Micromat technicians are about hard disk bad blocks: TechTool Pro can detect bad blocks that have not yet been remapped to spares, but it cannot order the disk driver to remap them. This is not uncommon, and is cause for neither panic nor complacency.

Many new drives have one or two bad blocks that have developed since the drive left the factory, but most users are unaware of them, because they do not have the Surface Scan. Back up the drive, reformat it with Disk Utility with the option to zero all data chosen, and put the drive into use. Above are just some snippets posted by a Micromat technician, in which he completely contradicts himself.

He first says bad blocks are OK, to be expected, that every drive has them. But then says that TechTool Pro can't repair them, the drive needs to be reformatted. Then goes on to say that if you find more than two bad blocks the drive is bad and should be replaced. But he also says in another part of the message too large to quote that all drives automatically re-map bad blocks.

The Tools section provides access to more specific utilities such as volume rebuilding, disk optimization, audio and video utilities, and eDrive emergency partition creation.

The Reports section allows you to see log files for past tests and group the results by category, such as All Jobs, Failed Jobs, etc. Where the guts of TechTool Pro 7 are concerned, the software holds up as admirably as it ever did. Open the application, select a hard drive or partition you want to take a look at, specify the test you want to run and the software sets to work, the gauge-driven user interface providing you with a decent estimation as to the progress made so far.

Connect an external volume to your Mac and TechTool picks up on it fairly quickly, allowing you to run a full battery of tests on it as well as eject it from your Mac for safe removal. The Surface Scan tool lets you check for failed hard drive sectors before problems arise. Simply click into the Tools section, select to create an eDrive partition, enter your administrator password and the application creates the boot partition within a few minutes.

Once created, this partition, which will occupy about 12GB of hard drive space, can be accessed by holding down the option key while booting your Mac, selecting the eDrive partition and starting from there. TechTool Pro 7.

The test, which gathers Serial Presence Data, does a full analysis of your installed RAM modules, then informs you as to whether the module passed or failed inspection and by what degree.

TechTool Pro users have long demanded a full set of scheduling tools to perform automated functions. And while the dream of pre-scheduled scans and optimizations has yet to come true, the program has gotten closer to this goal.

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