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The medium high and medium long arc allows a perfect mix of fast and slow topspins. The dynamic development of this rubber is by no means disturbing and can be controlled at any time. Anyone who plays rubbers like Xiom Vega Pro or Tibhar Evolution EL-S, knows that the power of a rubber can sometimes be disruptive, as these rubbers literally explode and create a lot of unforeseen speed.

The price for this is that the Super Ventus is a bit more moderate, which is perfectly sufficient for almost all table tennis players. Half distance From half-distance and in long counter-lopping duels, the rubber works dynamically, spin-friendly and always dangerous. I never had the feeling that I could lose control or be pushed back further. The arc characteristics and the associated beautiful spin curve, which is not too high or too flat, allow a variable and offensive play.

I was able to create a good amount of spin. I could precisely control the length and height of the serve. Overall, the rotation level is in the upper class of the table tennis rubbers. Pure rotation rubbers, like the Tibhar Genius or Tenergy 05 , produce even more spin. The rotation level can best be compared to rubbers like Joola Rhyzm or Butterfly Tenergy 80, which is not surprising due to the pimple geometry, overall hardness and variable playing characteristics.

Perhaps new to me are the high dynamics and liveliness of the rubber in offensive playing situations. Short lay backs are quite easy and can be played exactly.

The rubber creates a light catapult which is absolutely acceptable, although I personally would prefer extremely low catapult rubbers like the Tibhar Genius. Active openings above the table are easy to play. With banana flip, a rather poisonous spin and an unpleasant ball placement can be generated. Fast flips are also rock solid, not brute hard, but easy to play. Block, shot and balloon defense You can be very active in the blocking game.

Passive, however, you must pay attention. Although the rubber is not the most spin-sensitive and not uncontrollable, a certain understanding of the game and the appropriate technique must be available in order to block effectively. Otherwise, the blocks sail all over the place.

In the shooting game the rubber develops a lot of pressure on the opponents. This is not only due to its power, but also to the high accuracy. In defense, a good length can be produced.

Counterattacks are always possible and actually dangerous. I would compare the Super Ventus with a modern Joola Rhyzm. But also the argument of an easier to play Xiom Vega Pro makes sense. Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac 1-year Average rating: Nov 6, by Paul on Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac 1-year I'm in the same boat and have decided a yearly subscription for the same price as a once personally owed educational license was the final straw for me. I'm now going back to VMWare Fusion.

I've been a long time purchaser of Parallels, but no longer. Sorry to hear of your disappoint! Good luck with VMware, and be sure to check out OnTheHub's student and faculty pricing before making your purchase! Mar 29, by Kevin on Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac 1-year This was an excellent software that with version 14 removed the option for one-time purchase in favor of a full-price annual renewal.

No thanks. Partition and reboot for free. Mar 20, by Ken on Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac 1-year When TimeMachine failed to restore my Parallels, I thought it would be no problem, and that I would just buy another copy at the educator's discount, but that's not possible.

Suddenly they're gouging us with an annual rental for the same price.

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Parallels Desktop 7 for mac. Parallels Desktop 7 is the most recent release version of the highly successful and world famous desktop computer Price: $ Aug 20, - Why not downgrade the product to home edition at no extra cost. .. Even if you're locked in to the $ yearly "previous user version" you only . version and remove the features from whaf will now be the low end version. Low Prices$$$ and Special Dials! Buy the cheapest Parallels Desktop 14 online! - Mar 6, - their latest deals which each bundle 10 Mac Apps for a discounted price for $ Parallels Desktop 8 ($) - Run Windows on your Mac. Prizmo ($) - Scan any file to create editable documents. Would this essentially be the cheapest way to get Parallels if I've never purchased it before?

Parallels At Low Price $49.95


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