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Enhance travel photos and more This month, we have three new courses to help you get the most out of editing your photos with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom: Chart your data with pivot tables Pivot tables are powerful tools in Excel for summarizing and filtering complex datasets. In Excel Pivot Tables in Depth, Curt Frye demystifies these power tools, helping you navigate their complexity in order to summarize, sort, count, and chart your data more effectively.

Explore WordPress ecommerce Three new Morten Rand-Hendriksen courses take a broad look at using WordPress as a commerce platform, and compare the many options available to you. Watch WordPress Ecommerce: Core Concepts, WordPress Ecommerce: WooCommerce, and WordPress Ecommerce: Bust professional beats in Logic Pro Let internationally recognized music producer Dot Bustelo guide you through the process of creating professional beats in Logic Pro for hip-hop, electronic dance, or other commercial genres.

In Logic Production Techniques: Wrap up with tips for electronic music, including side-chaining and creating DJ and turntable speed fades. Industry experts Richard Harrington and Chris Meyer have two new courses, Premiere Pro Technology Preview and After Effects Technology Preview, that take you step-by-step through new features and improvements in both of these products. Use Illustrator for fashion design Textile designer and technical illustrator Robin Schneider brings her expertise to lynda.

Illustrator for Fashion Design: Drawing Flats walks you through drawing shirts, pants, skirts, and more, using custom brushes and symbols. Creating Brushes shows how to create and edit all types of Illustrator brushes with examples geared toward fashion design. Every great meeting operates within certain parameters defined by a few thoughtful, mutually agreed-upon rules. Here are some to consider: Everyone should arrive on time and be prepared. Clarify the meeting boundaries by stating the goal and defining the scope of discussion.

Attendees should be critical, but positive. No interrupting others. No unnecessary use of electronic devices during the meeting. Agree on rules for making decisions. For example, rather than using simple voting techniques, which have winners and losers, strive for consensus through discussion.

If consensus is difficult, consider a 70 percent rule:

Order Lynda.com - Foundations of Photography: Black and White need settings advice...going on vacation (E-PL1)

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Order Lynda.com - Foundations of Photography: Black and White


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