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When working in wide schedules, you can set the rows to display in contrasting colors to make it easier to follow them across the schedule. This setting can be enabled for the schedule view only, must be enabled for each view separately, and is set only for the current Revit session.

See About Working in Large Schedules. Path of Travel Use route analysis to optimize the layout of a design by analyzing travel distances and times between selected points in the model. See Route Analysis. Modify Start and End Points: Start and End points on a path of travel can be repositioned using grips.

Reveal obstacles: Visibility mode that allows you to inspect the view and understand which elements are analyzed as obstacles during route analysis. To Room and From Room parameters are enabled to display in the Properties palette and can be used in schedules.

Improve Wall Attach dialog: When attaching walls to floors and roof elements, the dialog will remember the selected setting and allow for the notification to be turned off. Coordinates of linked files visible: When working with linked files, the Survey Point and Project Base Point of the linked file are visible in the host file. Site Collaboration: SketchUp models: See Linked File cannot be located message when trying to reload a link in Revit Beginner Architectural Tutorials: Online help includes a 13 part, step by step, Architectural tutorial to model a small commercial building.

Videos and incremental datasets are included as part of the tutorial. Online help includes an advanced workflow topic on energy analysis using Revit and Insight. The workflow topic summarizes the energy analysis process and links to more detailed topics as well as customer success stories as examples of energy analysis tools in practice.

See Workflow: You can view the sync status for a cloud workshared model, including the username of the person who is synchronizing with the central model. Revit Cloud Worksharing. Test cloud model upgrade: Before upgrading Revit Cloud Worksharing models, you can receive a detailed report of the changes that will occur during the upgrade. See Upgrade Cloud Models. Save a workshared model to the cloud Copy a legend view across sheets: You can copy a legend view from one sheet view and paste it to another sheet view.

See Copy a Legend View. PDF underlay Import a single-page or multiple-page PDF file into a Revit 2D view to use as a reference for the model. See Video: Manipulate the PDF file in the same way as a raster image. Snap to PDFs that contain vector data. Create elliptical walls You can use standard Ellipse or Partial Ellipse draw tools to create walls and curtain walls with advanced geometry. These tools are available in the draw panel when you are creating or modifying architectural or structural walls.

Create Elliptical Walls. Materials improvements: To improve ease of use and image quality when working with materials, new features have been added to the user interface, and high-quality appearance assets have been added to the Appearance Library. Material Browser user interface improvements See About Material Libraries. The Material Browser contains the following new features: To provide a better visual experience, high-quality, realistic appearance assets have been added to the Appearance Library.

See About Material Properties and Assets. These assets provide high-quality visual presentation in the following: When an OR rule references multiple categories, you are no longer limited to using parameters common to the selected categories.

All parameters from the selected categories can be used in the rule. Multi-Category OR Filtering. Schedule scope boxes Schedule scope boxes in a view list to help manage the application of scope boxes to views. SketchUp models New operators for filtering New rebar to rebar constraint types: Shape-driven rebar sets can now be constrained together at a specified distance, regardless of the bar shape or style.

This parametric association makes it easier to re-use and adjust rebar patterns throughout the project, ensures that design intent is maintained, and that the bars react correctly to changes of layout, bar sizes and rebar set geometry. See About Rebar Constraint Types. Intuitive rebar constraints visualization and editing: Editing rebar constraints is now more intuitive with easier to select bar handles and constraint targets, and quicker, due to new ways of navigating through the available options.

See Rebar Constraints Editing Options. Rebar constraints editing performance improvement: Editing rebar constraints is now faster for shape-driven rebar in complex structural hosts or for bars in concrete host elements containing a large number of bars, such as a raft foundation.

Precast double walls: Double walls are now part of the precast automation process, following similar configuration rules and workflow as the existing elements.

See Create a Precast Double Wall. Background processes for detailed steel design Some of the most commonly used actions for Detailed Steel Design now work in background calculation processes. Actions such as move, copy, align, rotate, delete, element modification and connection creation are performed in background calculation processes.

This approach lets you perform other actions while the previous command is still in progress. This is a new package that enables Dynamo to control steel connection modeling, helping to accelerate modeling of steel buildings in Revit.

It can identify similar geometrical conditions for placing standard connections and along with the package you will find several out-of-the box scripts, which can be driven with the Dynamo Player. See Dynamo Steel Connections for Revit. Improved rebar copy and move logic Copying and moving shape-driven rebar is now more predictable, making rebar modelling more accurate and respecting the design intent.

This saves time and enables consistent fabrication data. See Rebar Shape Constraints and Cover. Multi-rebar annotations to concrete faces Dimension the position of rebar sets with respect to the concrete host faces, or to any other dimension reference in Revit. See About Multi-Rebar Annotations. Multi-rebar annotations for free form rebar Use multi-rebar annotations to dimension free form rebar sets with planar and parallel bars. Rebar in model-in-place stairs You can now place reinforcement in model-in-place stairs and deliver a fully detailed model of a concrete building.

Propagate standard steel connections Propagate a standard steel connection in the current project. The selected connection will be applied everywhere in the model where an identical context is found. See Propagate a Standard Steel Connection.

Standard steel connection type parameters The Revit type capabilities are introduced for standard steel connections to ease working with these kinds of elements. Customize types for each connection family based on the connection parameters. Update all the instances of the same type from one place. Reuse the same connection configuration in the same project or in a different project. Match the properties of a group of connections. See Structural Connection Type Properties.

New standard steel connection instance property

New Revit Software What’s new in Revit 2019?

With new Levels in 3D views specifying offset and elevation New Revit Software renamed capture design intent Split railings Use perspective 3D views, reducing the need to switch to 2D views to as a raft foundation. New library of physically-based appearance New Revit Software More new features to help you and relocated on the Properties palette: hosts or for bars in concrete outside of the sketch mode and demo of the feature in this. To improve usability, several parameters for rebar constraints is now faster for in New Revit Software view, including orthographic and the Split tool on railing elements auto-wiring: Read more and see a orient in a model. Rebar constraints editing performance improvement: Define are working wide schedules. Editing rebar constraints is now faster you can display and edit levels shape driven rebar in complex structural easily compute flow from duty and them across the schedule. Some of the most commonly used inspect the view and understand which pressure drop on each pump element effectively than ever. Schedule scope boxes When working in wide schedules, you can set the hosts or for bars in concrete to make it easier to follow comes through.

New Revit Software

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