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The best consumer video production products ofselected by the editors of Videomaker. Best Products Award Criterion: For a product to qualify for an award, it must have shipped in the calendar year, and it Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software have passed through Videomaker headquarters for examination by our editors.

From there, we judged products based on the following five criteria: Empowerment — how effective the product is at helping videographers be more Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software at video production. Quality — it must be put together well, durable and show excellence in its category. Usability — how user-friendly it is. Innovation — it should have some inventive or original features.

Performance — it must work consistently, effectively and provide a good value for the price. As video enthusiasts we get attached to some of the products that land on our desks for review. This year we really got attached. These proved to be extraordinary tools for the consumer videographer; a handful of the camcorders introduced this year blew away our expectations Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software what a consumer camcorder can do; new computer systems have more processing power than you can shake a stick at; and, software packages give users the ability to make feature length productions with as much gloss as Hollywood.

Still, the thing that amazes us the most is how approachable video production has become. Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software were very surprised how much camcorder Canon squeezed into this small but powerful shooter. The Canon Elura is a great deal for the consumer digital videographer looking for a stable, Mini DV camcorder. As we continue to watch high definition technologies filter down to the consumer, the Canon HV10 puts style and class as an exclamation point in this category of consumer HDV.

The HDR-FX7 marks a simple, powerful camcorder that can please the newcomer as well as the ambitions of Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software professional shooter with its manual controls.

We are excited to see Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software challenging the design and workflow of digital video. If only we had a time machine to see where the market is going, we might jump aboard the no-tape bandwagon too. And, this particular model offers a fluid pan head or should we say footwhich makes it even more useful. The MacBook Pro laptops are not excluded of such improvements. The E Workstation is certainly a great value for anyone looking to do some serious editing and yet not break the bank.

This workstation is built to meet the highest demands of professional video editing. Although it comes at a cost, it might be well worth it for the video editor who needs a top performer Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software advanced video editing i.

LED light technology puts out less heat and is much more efficient than its competitors, making this light kit a very useful tool. For the working professional in event and wedding videography, this kit is on-the-go capable. The soft and even quality of light, usability and efficiency make it a clear winner.

The Steadicam Merlin magic lies in its ability to give you the freedom to move about while minimizing the disturbing shake. The Merlin adds that support through high quality manufacturing and years of experience in Steadicam research and development.

We think this is an exciting stabilization tool Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software delivers great results. Best Audio Mixer Tapco Mix. The Tapco Mix. There, we said it. When it comes to hard drive recorders, those are two things that will help you feel like you can Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software more confidently. The Primera Bravo SE is just the machine to do all the routine work for you, while still keeping the overall cost of production down.

We were impressed with its performance, speed and small size, making it manageable for most computer desks. Not long after the release, Primera swapped out the DVD burner for a Blu-ray burner, which we were quite surprised to see. Version 3. It also has a healthy smattering of video editing and menu creation enhancements that make this a fun application capable of delivering stunning results. Ulead has made us proud. We look forward to seeing more musical themes released for this software in the future.

When Audition hit our workstation we scratched our heads trying to decide how much time it would take to thoroughly review this application. All that is to say that we were pleased with the depth of this software package.

Whether mastering a multitrack score or simply sweetening up a voiceover, Audition 2. Vegas 7 with DVD Architect improves compatibility with high definition playback and incorporates a completely customizable workspace. The 2. As always, there were so many great products to consider, test, compare and jealously fight over. In the end, we are proud to give this group our seal of approval and we look forward to seeing their successors in our office. To learn more about these products and all the others that caught our eye throughout the year, make sure to read our entire set of Test Bench reviews in every issue.

Low Cost Sony Cinescore Software Buyers Guide to the Best Video Products of 2006

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