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Preliminary list of changes of v7. Content Added two new combat modes that will be added to the random battle queue: Assault and Encounter. Added two new maps: Airfield North Africa and Widepark European town.

Added French TDs: Added French SPGs: Chatillon Vehicles IS-6 and JagdTiger 8. Two premium vehicles were added, available for supertesters only: Added one camouflage for each nation. Added the option of training skills and perks for combined qualifications of crew for example, training perks and skills of Radio Operator, when a Commander combines qualifications of a Commander and Radio Operator. Added new medals: Fixes Changed the sizing of the following vehicles to match historical ones: Fixed several bugs with French camouflage.

In some cases there's a possibility of damage and critical hits increase from HE shells. Changed operation of Large Aid Kit: Changed Karelia Software The Hit List buy key of Large Repair Kit: Now Repair Kit Karelia Software The Hit List buy key both tracks, if they are both damaged. Added compensation to a team hit player, proportionate to the damage caused. Now, if a player team damages someone, and the same shot damages an enemy vehicle, the decreasing team damage coefficient is considered for this shot.

Added notes about relevant discounts in the game client. Changed pop-up hints on tank modules, consumables, ammunition, and crew members.

Changed information displayed in the vehicle pop-up window. All in-game sounds are optimized in frequency and compression. Added sounds for environment: Reworked several sound effects for environment. Added sounds for several interface buttons. Fixed the bug with the display of "post-mortem" panel in the interface-off mode. Fixed or reworked effects for hitting wood and Karelia Software The Hit List buy key. Fixed the description of Fadin's Medal. Changed display of bases and respawns on the minimap.

Fixed the bug with the green color of "Invite" button after leaving or excluding a friend from platoon. Fixed the rare bug with the game client hang-up at the end of map loading.

Fixed the description of Brothers in Arms perk. Added the autoloader indicator for the howitzer shooting mode. Fixed the rare hang-up of tank durability progress bar in the tank over-target marker. Reduced the neon glow for tank panel interface elements in the garage and pop-up hints.

Changed the terms for earning Lavrinenko's, Leclerc's and Abram's medal. Base and respawn markers on minimap have been added to the "color blind" mode. Changed the mechanism for selecting a message channel in battle chat. Now, to switch from team chat to all chat the "TAB" key is used. At request for battle menu, the mouse cursor is centered on the "Back to garage" option.

Changed the design of free experience and gold conversion windows. In a platoon or a tank company, when the Commander speaks, the volume of other players speaking in the voice chat reduces.

Fixed the display of tanks with camouflage tracks without hull and turret for Radeon video cards of dated series. Fixed the display of sniper mode cover in the window mode, when the window height Karelia Software The Hit List buy key greater that the width.

Fixed several bugs in the alternate color scheme. Removed mouse inversion in the SPG mode. Fixed several bugs with the spam filter.

Karelia Software The Hit List buy key

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