How to get Alien Skin Exposure X2 cheaper?

And, like was mentioned in the last review, there are no pesky modules. What the program looks like in grid view, with both panels extended. The Feel As stated above, from a distance it looks like any other raw processor. To access the folder or file you want to work on, you just need to search through your Finder or Explorer on the left-hand panel, click on it, and boom, there it is; either the file shows up in grid view or you just select the photo you want.

The 1: Culling is made quicker, however, with the option to compare up to four photos at the same time. You can also link them, zoom into percent, and they will all pan to the same area. It must also be noted that in this comparison mode, you can hover over any preset in order to view it on all the selected photos at the same time.

Let's check which one is sharp. None of them are sharp. Another handy feature is the ability to upload your files to Dropbox. The time it takes for the adjustments to take place is the time it takes for the data to upload to Dropbox and download to the other computer. While the edits aren't instantaneous, the results are still very impressive.

Detail - Works very similar to Lightroom's sharpening and noise reduction. All come as presets but there are five different blend modes and you can change the opacity on each. The grain effects are very natural as long as you show restraint, of course.

You can choose from a preset list of popular lenses or create your own using circular or linear gradients. While they don't have the option to fix chromatic aberration, I've been informed that it is something that they're looking at introducing. Almost all of the editing panels have a selection of presets to choose from, and also the option to save your edit, specific to that panel, as your own preset. Not only that but because you have the option to put each adjustment on a separate layer, you can change the opacity of any layer you want or invert a layer, like in Photoshop, and brush it into your desired location.

You can see where I excluded the woman from the middle adjustment layer. The top adjustment layer is a film preset with a reduced opacity. The real fun, however, is to be had with the many presets which make use of Alien Skin's amazing grain emulator.

The emulator, combined with the creative filters, gives you an endless list of creative avenues to wander down. What I Liked.


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