How to Buy the Right Version of Parallels Desktop for You?

A performance boost in Parallels Desktop 12 means Windows 10 will run faster than ever on your Mac. Parallels Parallels Desktop, a go-to program for anybody wanting to run Windows on a Mac, just got more powerful and convenient to use. The Parallels Desktop 12 update, brings increased speed as well as a suite of handy new tools that simplify everyday tasks.

New users must wait until Aug. While web-based tools are on the rise, many people still find themselves relying on the thousands of platform-specific programs still in existence. Increasingly sophisticated virtualization software like Parallels Desktop and Parallels Access which lets you access home or work computers via iPhone, iPad or Android phone makes it easier than ever to use any file or program, whenever and wherever you want.

During the demo, Windows apps loaded instantly. Recently used files will be readily available on both your Mac and your Windows virtual machine, and all internet passwords can be saved to your Mac Keychain.

A virtual machine wizard makes it simple to add Windows and other operating systems to all versions of Parallels Desktop. Pro and Business editions of the virtualization software also add various features, like network simulators and various presets, that will be useful for developers and enterprise deployments. Parallels One of the slickest new features in Parallels Desktop 12 is Parallels Toolbox, which brings 20 single-purpose utilities to Mac.

Archive, encrypt and password-protect all of your files. Simply capture screenshots or record video of a screen, window or area. Download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other websites with a single click.

Time management tools an alarm, timer, date countdown and stopwatch. Parallels Toolbox is included in all new versions of Parallels Desktop, with Pro and Business edition subscribers gaining access to planned rollouts of additional tools.

Parallels worked with Blizzard Entertainment to optimize Parallels Desktop 12 for hit game Overwatch. Parallels Desktop also lets you load the Windows 10 Xbox app on Mac.

Parallels Desktop pricing and availability Since Parallels Desktop 12 comes in three editions, and existing users and upgraders have a variety of licenses, pricing info gets thorny fast. Starting Aug.

How to Buy the Right Version of Parallels Desktop for You? Parallels Desktop for Mac

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How to Buy the Right Version of Parallels Desktop for You?


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