How to buy Panic Unison on mac?

And that makes sense. If I ever sign up for rsync. But Unison is for syncing, which means maintaining eventually consistent replicas of a changing directory tree up to some pragmatic exceptions and manual tweaks. The whole point of Unison is to turn multiple devices into a single failure domain, which requires a separate system for storing safe backups. Every one of these is optional. Too bad it doesn't offer the ability to use compression algorithms other than gzip lzma or zstd would be nice. Also, open source but non free license but duplicacy, in my opinion is technically superior to restic. In Fedora and I think this applies in Debian too we have to maintain 3 versions because Unison isn't interoperable across minor releases. For this reason we package 2. Keeping these ancient esp 2. LeoPanthera 3 months ago This incompatibility is one of the reasons why I reduced my dependency on it, though I still use it for minor things. The last straw came when it turns out that unison was incompatible with the same version, if that version had been built on a different system.

How to buy Panic Unison on mac? Buy Software Online

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