How much does Adobe InCopy CS4 pro cost?

For specific details about your workflow system, talk to the system integrator. About linked managed documents A linked InCopy document is a content file either text or graphics that is placed in an open InDesign document or assignment file.

The content is associated with an InDesign layout, and therefore managed by the InDesign document. The InDesign connection can be made before the InCopy user starts writing and editing text, while the writing is in progress, or after the text work is finished.

Once the content is linked, the InCopy user can see but not change the page layouts, styles, and so on, as they appear in the InDesign document. Linked documents have the following additional characteristics: With a linked InCopy file, you can do just about anything that concerns the text itself.

For example, you can specify text-formatting options, change fonts, and carry out other editing and copyfitting functions within the design and formatting limits of the InDesign layout and your workflow system. You cannot, however, change the text or graphics frames, column layout, threading sequence, or any other design elements; these are set up in InDesign. Linked content is managed by your workflow system, where it is locked for access control. Having all of this information close at hand makes managing files easier.

This last feature is something you can do only in managed InCopy files: This comes in handy if you have to edit photo credits, which typically appear vertically along the outside edge of a page. Integrated screen sharing is another nice enhancement.

As the host, you need a broadband Internet connection, a browser running the Adobe Flash Player 9 plug-in, and an Adobe ID; your guests need only an Internet connection and a browser running the Flash plug-in.

Still waiting Perhaps a future release will address some items that have long been on my InCopy wish list. And I wish the notes feature were more powerful in Layout view. As it is, reading the contents of a note by hovering your cursor over the note icon in that view is a cumbersome process especially because that symbol can be hard to see and select. That alone makes this new version worth serious consideration by anyone who works with tables. Add to that the conditional-text and cross-reference features, a more powerful Links panel, and a variety of interface enhancements, and InCopy CS4 is a tempting upgrade.

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How much does Adobe InCopy CS4 pro cost?


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