How do you get Streets & Trips 2009?

There are several ways to do what you want. My favorite is to use Picasa free program from Google to capture the screen and easily edit and annotate the result. You can even upload directly to Facebook with an add-on button in the program. Here is a link to an article about it: Picasa Tip: Screen Captures Picasa Tutorials and the Facebook uploader: I don't know if you can drop it into Facebook, but it works very well for my purposes.

For instance, I use Paperport I would attach an example, but PDF is not an acceptable upload format in this Forum. As SpadesFlush said, the install themselves so they look like another printer to your computer and you just select that "printer" whenever you want to print something to a PDF file. Confused I know the original poster did not want to use print screen but there is a program called Gadwin Print Screen which allows you to create a jpg of only the specific area of the screen you want to print as opposed to printing the entire screen.

There is a slight learning curve. It is a free download. They do have other programs which allow more things but all I have ever needed is the basic free download.

Screen Capture and Print Screen software once you create the jpg you can use Paint to edit and add text or whatever. It seems to be broken, or at least it is not loading the page for me at the moment.

It's not really necessary on a Windows 7 system. Win7 has the Snipping Tool just start typing "snipping tool" in the Start menu search box. You can select any section of the screen and the snip will be saved to the clipboard. Within the snipping tool you can annotate a snip with a pen or highlighter, save it, email it to someone all from the menu.

Pretty slick for a built-in tool. The only shortcoming of the snipping tool is that I couldnt' figure out how to get a snip of the snipping tool itself. If the tech library link still does not work after a few hours try Googling Tiffin RV Network or www. But I think the site is down right now for unknown reasons - I haven't been able to get on today at all Marvin Hlavac No problem at all. I know the page you linked does exist, as I have read the really nicely done review before.

Normally I remove broken links ASAP, but in this case it looks like just a temporary down time of the entire website. I'm not sure you would call this easy. However, I opened an old map, copied and pasted into a Word document. Right clicked on the map in the Word doc and clicked on the "Save as picture" in the drop down. I didn't try to save it as a PDF and go through the same exercise. Hope this helps you.

Microsoft Streets & Trips

Aug 8, - Download the latest construction data to keep your maps current. Aug 25, - I missed this when I posted that the MapPoint trial version is now available for free download. Streets and Trips trial is also available. Microsoft Streets & Trips, known in other countries as Microsoft AutoRoute, is a discontinued Streets & Trips adds pronunciation of street names, as part of the voice directions prompts. The map of Mexico now includes street level data  ‎Versions · ‎History · ‎System requirements of.

How do you get Streets & Trips 2009?


Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 basic tutorial

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