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She had not said anything particularly inflammatory, or anything of that nature). Scared by these threats, Sierra withdrew from several speaking engagements, and closed down her blog, making a final post explaining her reasons.

When this became widely known, a second wave of threats and harassment occurred, which spread to some "troll" forums whose participants enjoy harassment for its own sake. Members of these forums started to distribute Sierra's home address and other personal details. Fearing for her personal safety and the safety of her family, Sierra was forced to move house and change career.

Sexual assault at ApacheCon In 2010, Noirin Shirley, a Google employee, reported that they had been sexually assaulted at ApacheCon (a conference for a non-profit, open source software development community, held in Atlanta that year, which she had helped organise). They named their assailant as a senior Twitter employee. Despite reporting the incident to the police, there were no apparent consequences for the assailant.

Shirley, however, was vigorously denounced by people who believed they had brought the assault on themself (by her dress, behaviour, etc) or those who believed they should not have spoken publicly about it. Since this incident, several other sexual assaults at tech conferences have been reported. Harassment of Anita Sarkeesian In 2012, Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist critic, blogger, and video gamer, launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a series of Youtube videos on the topic of "Tropes vs Women in Video Games", covering such topics as the "damsel in distress" trope.

A number of male gamers objected to this critique of video games; she was subsequently attacked via social media and received thousands of death threats, rape threats, etc. Her Wikipedia page was defaced with sexually explicit imagery, and someone created a game called "Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian" in which you could punch Sarkeesian's image in the face, making it appear bruised and bloody.

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