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Once you've set up your favorite FTP sites, connecting with them is just 1-Click away. Sync Manager - Compare and synchronise the contents of two folders. Especially useful for work on files that are shared between two computers, it's also useful for backing up files and much more! Using Size Manager makes it easy to efficiently manage drive storage space. Dialog Helper - Enhances Open dialog boxes and Save dialog boxes by adding a selection list for previously opened files and folders.

It also provides a file viewer pane that supports over file formats. Dialog helper also allows fixed dialogs to be easily resized. Archive Manager - Easily compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats. See within archives to view entire file lists, selectively view the contents or extract selected files with a simple drag and drop operation.

File Finder - Quickly locate forgotten files with a powerful "search engine" type tool. Search by keyword, file type, size, or date range and see the "hits" displayed in a single-line reference. Search inside Zip files, archives, emails and attachments too! Great File Management you won't want to live without!

Dual pane operation - Easily drag and drop files between folders and drives. Layout Manager - Single click icons save complete layouts or add layout icons to your desktop, so PowerDesk starts up exactly where you want it to! Add File Notes - With a right-click of the mouse, add notes to help organise your files - displayed in a mouse-over window or details view, easily be reminded what's in a file without having to open it! Colour Customise Your File Folders - Easily customise and prioritise your file folders with eight distinct colours.

File Info Column - Display specific details about each file in the file pane viewer. MP3 files will show a song title and run time. Images will show the size and resolution. Word documents show document title and more. Randomise feature ensures a complete random play order.

Plus, cool tools to preview MP3 files, search for files, as well as rename and edit files groups in a single action.

File Viewer - Open the right file the first time! Improved file preview options allow users to view the contents of a file in a preview pane or as a thumbnail image. PowerDesk Pro makes managing files, photos and music a snap with far more features and functionality than the standard Windows file manager.

File Viewer Never open the wrong files again! File Viewer ensures you open the right file the first time with a large file preview pane. File Viewer makes browsing photos, music and files easy, you can even view files by artist name, album titles or personal notes!

Layout Manager Single click icons save complete layouts or add layout icons to your desktop, so PowerDesk starts up exactly where you want it to! Add File Notes Add personal notes to any file with a right click. Your notes are displayed in the details or when hovering your mouse over the file. Use this feature to remind yourself what's in your saved file without opening them.

File Info Column Now it's easier than ever to see in-depth details about your files without having to open them. Music files will show song titles and run times, image files will show size and resolution, Word documents will show document titles and more. The MP3 collection management feature allows you to preview, search for, rename, edit and randomize your playlist files in batches, groups or individually. View your FTP Accounts as though they were folders on your desktop with drag-and-drop capabilities.

Managing your FTP accounts has never been easier.

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