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Even with all actual limitations, the software version worth every penny you spent to get it, if you do not rely on old important files.

But this won't make me return to old for no reasons Thanks again. Keep the old version for several weeks or months till you are certain the new version works fine on your laptop. You can uninstall the old version any time in the future. Ken in Regina You do not have to uninstall When you install it will ask if you want to keep the old version or remove it. Until you are completely satisfied with I would do three things: Saves a huge amount of clicks and mouse travel in normal usage. Latitude and longitude are always visible in the new Users no longer need to enable Location Sensor.

Automatic re-routing is introduced in v. Connected Services — Streets and Trips with Connected Services edition adds the ability to visually display traffic flow by color coding road segments green normal , yellow moderate and read heavy. It shows traffic incident locations, and it lets users to search for current fuel prices of nearby fuel stations.

However, the Connected Services edition was later discontinued. Activation — V. More details here. ST Full-screen navigation mode — The , and later versions, can be optionally switched to full screen mode while navigating.

Estimated Drive Time feature - Driving Guidance Pane now shows remaining time to destination in addition to distance to turn. Dynamic Turn View, also known as auto-zoom, added in version Night Map Style — useful while navigating at night. ST Keep Position Centered. The icon no longer travels all the way to the edge of the map before the map refreshes, but instead it appears there is some "invisible" border close to the centre of the map and when the icon reaches it the map refreshes and icon goes back to the centre.

Not a perfect solution but a great improvement. Rotate Map to Follow Travel Direction - When this feature is enabled, north is not constantly the top of your map, but instead your heading will be the top.

Recalculate Route from Current Location. A click of a button recalculates the route from the current GPS location. Garmin Mobile PC: Does not recognize my N82 as GPS. Garmin Mobile XT: I am looking for a mobile maps version that also offers turn by turn voice navigation.

Do I still have any options or am I out of luck? I know it sounds like a dumb question, but when the GPS is receiving data it shows amount of data transferred.


Microsoft Streets and Trips 2019 Alternative

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