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Does C1 ever have discount, and if so, how often and by how much? See, those promotion deals work both ways. They will tempt you to buy their products but at the same time you will be hesitant to pay full price. Think Chanel handbags: Capture One Pro promotional offers? If you shoot raw then process with the software that provides the best quality output. File management is a separate issue use the program that provides you with the most efficient options for managing your files.

If not you may end compromising both options. Zuiko Digital 45mm F1. My choice would be to use the features that work best for the camera model you are using. It seems so far DXO is a bit easier to use and I really like their noise reduction. But rumored slowness and lack of file management make me think twice. I've only used LR so far so don't know how much of inconvenience or non-inconvenience it is using plug-in's to transfer files between 2 tools, thus prefer a one-stop-shop experience of C1P.

But I see your point. This is interesting Shangri La's gear list: It seems that some photographers use it. I'd like a performance sports car, but it would be a REAL compromise that I would rarely ever be able to use vs. Thank you for the comments; I appreciate it.

I looked through some old thread here and it seems around June time frame last year Capture One had a pretty big discount half off? That was a few months before release of version 8.

As for image management tool, since I'm not a pro and don't shoot a lot, anything should be good enough for me. I've been using LR 4 and like its management features a lot. I'm watching videos to get a feel of both tools. Probably I should try using separate software for RAW conversion and image management to see how the workflow is like and if I can adapt to it Shangri La's gear list: Good luck. Details can be found here:

Cheap Capture One Pro 7


Noise Reduction in Capture One Pro 7 - Phase One

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