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The free RAM as your individual hot keys of causes we will see once you the list, and powerful and digicam while involving the profile. View the sample video here. Pinnacle offers three versions of its Studio 14 product: The full-boxed version of Ultimate Collection includes a Chroma-key green screen.

Where Do I Begin? Studio 14 introduces a simplified interface paired with an effective guided tour that is available through the Help menu. Within minutes of completing the tour, most users will be able to begin importing and adding video to the timeline along with music, titles and effects. Also available is a sample project that allows the user to see the layout of the timeline and how the various elements fit together.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection 14 is my unequivocal recommendation for the consumer who wants to start editing their home movies. The tutorial is invaluable in understanding the logic of how the software is designed. While Pinnacle Studio is fairly intuitive in and of itself, the tutorial is useful for learning exactly how to use the app to your best advantage.

The capture window is explained in the tutorial — along with almost every other feature — in simple, understandable terms. Pinnacle splits the main window up into essentially three sections: The timelines and utility areas all have toggles; the timeline can toggle into two additional modes beyond the basic timeline mode.

The usual suspects all function roughly the same way as they would in a given video editor; the project is easy enough to shuttle through and you can click and drag the ends of clips to trim them.

You can shuttle to a specific point in your project and click the razor icon to slice your clip in half as opposed to switching into a razor mode, which actually feels less practical. As far as transitions go, Pinnacle Studio is again fully-featured and allows you to preview each in the viewer before dragging them onto the timeline. The brief tutorial even tells you different ways you can choose to apply them.


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