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Tuesday, though Apple warns that it might take "some time" for it and companion apps Motion and Compressor to be visible. It also features a new floating point linear color system, support for resolution-independent footage up to 4K in size, and full background rendering. Also available separately are two upgraded companion applications: Motion 5 and Compressor 4. Motion 5 features tools that let you customize titles, transitions, and effects. Compressor 4 offers a wide range of delivery codecs, sizes, frame rates, and encoding parameters. All three applications were part of the previous Final Cut Studio suite, but are now available separately. Final Cut Pro Server is also gone, and some of its most popular media management features—such as Smart Collections, custom metadata, and proxy workflow—are now built into the main app. Over time, Apple observed that users disliked switching between apps, so for this release, it brought all applications related to the editorial process into the main program, eliminating the need to switch interfaces or paradigms.

Buy Final Cut Studio 3 64 bit Apple releases Final Cut Pro X

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Buy Final Cut Studio 3 64 bit

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