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Corel Website Creator X I am facing a problem because the navigation bar on the "home" page always get aligned to the left whereas it is centered to the left for the other pages as it is supposed to be. I tried to change the style. Now I want to add a single page e. This page should have the same design and graphics, but it should not appear in any menu bar or site structure. The page layout only fills the center one-third of the screen. How do I make it spread out to full screen width? Spaces Between Paragraphs May 5, I've been playing with the text styles and my text boxes are getting closer to the format that I want. There easy to read in the preview section. But the spaces between paragraphs looks to big, so I want to reduce it. Corel Draw has a docker for paragraph formatting where we can place spaces above or below a paragraph. When I insert the image jpg or gif as the background, it only shows part of the image.

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Buy Corel Website Creator X6 key


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