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Adobe Captivate 5. Basic shapes Cannot have interactive object in master slide Summary Basically its exactly the same as a PowerPoint, just with added video export and quizzes. Its a program meant for dummy who can't use more powerful application for better interactivity. If its just for simple animation, video tutorial or presentation with add-on quiz capability, use it. Otherwise there's plenty better other tools out there. The money is just not worth when you can make do with simple PowerPoint presentation. Read replies 2 Reply by bajenkins on January 29, This is not an accurate review. Captivate 7 has nearly all of the features available that were listed under the cons. This user either does not have the full version installed or is limited on their knowledge of what the software can do. I have been using Captivate for several years, and it has improved over time. The functionality is far superior to PowerPoint. Report this post Reply by winstonsthoughtcrime on January 24, Are you saying that functionality that you list under cons has been removed from 7 can do all that in 6 or is it that you didn't know how to do those things? Captivate is miles and miles beyond PowerPoint and far more robust than any other tool of it's type. I have used Captivate professionally since Captivate 3 and your review is not helpful in the least. Please refrain from making observations about a software program you clearly do not understand.

Buy Captivate 5.5 64 bit Adobe Captivate 5 5 For Pc

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