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ShoutCast - A large directory of Internet radio stations, categorized by genre. Streams work in Winamp. Yottamusic - a huge music library boasting over 3. 4 million songs, accessible from your web browser. MUSIC DISCOVERY TOOLS MusicMesh - browse through artists based on their similarities; find tracklists and reviews for albums.

Imeem - another playlist-sharing community for artists and fans that also supports embedding of tracks on other social sites and blogs. iJigg - a place for indie bands and artists to post their music, which the users can download for free.

Fuzz - discover new music; artists can sell their music, but there are also free songs to be found on the site. Midomi - find songs by humming or singing the tune. Then explore profile pages and network with others. JukeboxAlive - Upload music and share tracks with friends. Bands can sell their CDs, write a blog and post events to a calendar. MusicHawk - track bands and see band-related news and reviews, as well as information on gigs and new releases.

Grooveshark - an online service that rewards you for sharing, reviewing, and discovering new music (currently in private testing - enter you email address on the homepage to be notified of the launch). Funk Player - a music sharing community where authors can upload songs, while everyone can bookmark, select, listen and comment on them. Soundflavor - create playlists and share them with other users; meet people with similar taste and discover new music. FineTune - pick an artist and receive a custom playlist featuring music by that artists and other related artists.

MusicMobs - browse through playlists and create your own in a simple interface. MUSIC SHARING APPLICATIONS AND WIDGETS Audiozue - A Mac OSX application that posts your recently-played iTunes tracks to your MySpace page or blog. Sonific - a music network where you can store the music you hold the rights to, and syndicate it to other sites with SongSpot widgets.

Mediamaster - upload your entire music collection and access it from anywhere in the world. You can also publish this music via widgets to any website. iTunes - Apple's overwhelmingly popular music download store is a service that requires little in the way of introduction. Amie Street - music market where music starts with free price, and the price increases as a track becomes more popular (the price never goes above 1 dollar).

Emusic - one of the most successful "indie" music stores, with over 100 million DRM-free tracks sold. Bleep - high-quality MP3s with prices that are a bit high, but offering a great assortment of quality music. Amazon - a soon-to-come music store which should have a huge assortment of music from big and indie labels alike. PayPlay. FM - choose between over 1.

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Best - Muse Essential Training Software


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