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A lot of the debate around Windows Phone involves red herrings, excuses about why Microsoft's system-which I think is vastly superior to either iOS or Android-has never really sold in acceptable numbers. When the platform first launched, the excuses were multitasking, cut and paste, and the lack of apps. When Microsoft fixed the multitasking and cut and paste issues in early 2011, the discussion turned almost solely to apps. But I've argued-still do-that app count doesn't explain it.

Microsoft spent much of 2012-and spent tons of cash-to correct this issue, and as of this writing there are over 125,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store. Microsoft claimed recently that 46 of the top 50 Android and iOS apps and games would be available to Windows Phone users by the launch of Windows Phone 8, which just happened.

We have plenty of apps. Some argue that it's not the number of apps but rather the lack of key apps that prevent users from coming to Windows Phone. If you want Instagram, for example, Alias Design Get Prices & Buy Online can find reasonable clones on Windows Phone, of course. But you can only get the real thing on iPhone or Android. The thing is, I don't actually believe that real people make buying decisions like that.

I don't think anyone has ever walked into a wireless carrier's store with a list of apps and said demanded a phone that runs those apps. It's just not the way people think. No one ever seriously considered Windows Phone, noticed the lack of Instagram, or whatever, and then walked away. No, I think the ambivalence about Windows Phone happens well before any visit to the store, and it happens in ways that are vague and not Alias Design Get Prices & Buy Online consciously understood.

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