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Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Note that these asset class assumptions are passive, and do not consider the impact of active management. All estimates in this document are in US dollar terms unless noted otherwise.

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For instance, an indication of future risk can be found in the balance sheet and the income statement; an idea as to the growth of the company can be found from trends in variables measuring the company's position; the normal business risk of the company can be determined by the historical variability of the income statement; and so on. The approach that Rosenberg and Marathe take is conceptually similar to such an analysis since they attempt to include all sources of relevant information. This set of data includes historical, technical, and fundamental accounting data.

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The impact of management Alpha Random Error In a particular time frame, none of these market factors is necessarily positive. However, over longer periods the premiums are persistent and generous. So, a portfolio tilted away from the center of the market will act differently from the market, but will not necessarily have more risk. The further you tilt the portfolio, the less it will look like the more commonly reported indexes.

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